Absolute Beginners
Picture Frame
42" x 42"

Fabric Requirements: 

10 Fat Quarters Dark/Medium in Color.
4 Fat Quarters Light in Color
Crib Size Batting
2 Yds Lining & Binding

Cutting Instructions:

From each of 9 Dark Fat Quarters:  Cut 1 = 6 Square, Cut 7 2 x 6 Rectangles
From 1 Dark Fat Quarter:  Cut 4 6 Squares for the Corners
From each of the 4 Light Fat Quarters:  Cut  4 6 Squares
From Lining/Binding Fabric:  Cut 4 2 x Width of Fabric for Binding (Set Aside)


Begin by making your pieced border blocks from 3 of the 2 x 6 Rectangles in a random setting.  Make 20 blocks:


Next, lay out your top according to the illustration on the next page -- with the dark squares in the center, surrounded by light squares, and turning the outside blocks in the directions indicated. 

Join into 7 rows of 7 blocks each.  Then join the rows together.




Copyright 2004 Claudia E. Plett, all rights reserved)