Absolute Beginners
Sweet Baby
40" x 40"

Fabric Requirements: 

1 1/3 Yds. Color #1 (Yellow) Background & Borders

1   Yd Color #2 (Med Blue) Blocks and Binding

  Yd. Color #3 (Lt Blue)

Crib Size Batting

1 Yds Lining


Cutting Instructions:

Color #1 (Yellow):  Cut 4 12 Squares for Snowball Blocks

                                    Cut 4 2 Strips for Borders

Color #2 (Med Blue)  Cut 4 2 Strips for Binding (Set Aside)

                                    Cut 16 3 Squares for Snowball Blocks

                                    Cut 20 4 Squares for 9-Patch Blocks

Color #3 (Lt. Blue):  Cut 25 4 Squares for 9-Patch Blocks



Begin by making your pieced 9-Patch blocks from the Blue & Lt. Blue 4 squares.  Refer to the illustration for piecing, or strip piece these from 4 strips if you prefer.


  Make 5 Blocks    


Next make 4 Snowball blocks using the quick corner method: 


Draw a diagonal line on the wrong side of a 3 Medium Blue Square.  Place it, right sides together on a background Yellow square in a corner.  Stitch on that diagonal line, and trim away from that line.  Press back.


Repeat on the other 3 corners.

     Make 4 Snowball Blocks


Alternating 9-patch and Snowball blocks, referring to the illustration, join 3 rows of 3 blocks each.  Add borders to the sides (2 x 36 ) and then to the top and bottom ( 2 x 40 ).



Copyright 2004 Claudia E. Plett, all rights reserved)