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Random Free Blocks 2014-15

September, 2014 - Courthouse Steps from Baby Steps Pattern

October, 2014 - Teddy Bear from Toy Box Pattern.

November, 2014 - Country Star from My Stars & Bars Pattern

December, 2014 - December Poinsettia from Calendar Blocks Pattern

January, 2015 (sorry I'm late!) - Dancing Penguin from Penguins Play Pattern
(note pattern is for TWO blocks)

February, 2015 - Twinklers from Slash Your Stash Quilts Book

March, 2015 - Outhouse from House Hunting Pattern

These Free Patterns are entrusted to you for your own personal use.  Please do not copy and/or distribute them in any manner without the express permission of ME.  Each pattern will remain on the page until 30 days after the day of posting of the last installment of the project.  Patterns will be available for purchase on the Pattern Page thereafter.

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