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.....clips, that is!

Dunno' 'bout you, but power strips scare me!

When I'm not using my treadle, or hand piecing, or sending birthday invitations...even ol' Granny has to use these high-tech machines and word processors they call computers!  Have you ever looked behind those things at all the power cords and stuff???

Here's a way to keep a smidgeon of control on what's what----(here's your purdy picture):


(Now you can go ahead and eat all the bread you want, guilt-free, as long as you use the clips!)


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This tip is so simple, it's almost painful !

When your instructions/booklet won't stay open to your project you're working on, use your potato chip clip!

How simple is that??

Here's a purdy picture of one that I got from my local bank in one of those giveaway things.  Even if you can't get one free like me, you can buy them at your local five and dime store for practically nothin'!



Granny has a sweet tooth once in a while.  And I found a way to take advantage of that!

You know those containers that you get when you buy a cake or pastry at the bakery?  (Well, yes, even Granny splurges and BUYS a cake once in a while).  They come in these plastic things that are a nuisance to get the lids to "pop" off.  ANYWAY, when the cake is gone, you can't just throw away the tub!  

Put your stuff in 'em!

I put all kinds of things in them.  Fat quarters, small projects in progress, even big projects in progress, tools like scissors, pens, pencils, threads, lace, notions  You'd be surprised at how much they'll hold.  And you can see at a glance what's in 'em!  AND you turn them upside down and they stack nicely!

Here's a purdy picture of one that has my striped FQtrs collection in it.  There's 35 in there, and still plenty of room for more.


SCAT!  CAT! (Hairs)

If'n you're like me, and own a cat or two or three or four or if you've lost count, this tip is for you!

Picture this.....It's Wednesday night, your pastor and his sweet wife come to pay a visit.  All goes well, until they start to leave and his sweet wife---all dressed in black---Yells "EEEEKKKK!" when she stands up.  And, you find out she's covered in cat hairs from the furniture!  And you find out she's got one of those "allergees".  What will you do???????


Yes, they're good for something besides usin' in the mop bucket!  Put them on and brush her off--(If you can get her to quit faintin' long enough to do it).  Those hairs will brush right off like they'd never ever been there!  Yessiree, those things are really handy to have around in such a situation.  (Works on pesky sewing threads, too).

Now the cats, mind you, don't think they're so handy.........

MORE TRASH TALK!!!...........

Ok, ladies......don't throw away all those mouse pads that all these companies send ya' so you'll buy their stuff!

Put one (or two) under your sewing machine pedal (you know, the one you step on to make it go!) and the thing will stay put!

Now, this doesn't apply to those of you with those high-falutin', push-button machines they have now.  If I had to use one of those, I'd be yellin' at it , "STOP! ..STOP!" all the time.

Here's your purdy picture:

(Well, sort of...teehee)

(Mouse Pad)

Granny Goes High-Tech!!

    Granny gave in and went and bought one of those new-fangled, high-tech digital cameras.  

And a very sweet & SMART lady by the name of Diana Feit sent Granny this tip:

"Use your digital camera to record the way you have laid your blocks on your design wall.
Create several layouts of your quilt blocks and decide which one you like best.
Try your blocks in straight sets and with sashing and on-point.
Using two or three block patterns together can create a totally YOU quilt.
....Diana Feit, Canada"

...and you know, IT's NEAT!  You can decide which way is best just clicking away!  Here's your purdy pictures:  By the way, I had my dog to help me take these for ya'.

 First with a straight set:

Horizontal Set

Then the same thing, but on point:  (Would make a good lollipop design, huh?)

On Point

Then a different arrangement:

Please Excuse the Dog Leg!


Oops, don't know how that got in there!

You guys try this and have fun!  Now where are those grandkids hiding,  never have enough pictures of them..........

Granny's Magic Potion!!

By popular request (just for Tish).......
..for removing pencil marks from fabric

Here's what you'll need:

   3/4 C Rubbing Alcohol
   7 - 8 Drops Palmolive Dishwashing Soap
   1/4 C Water

   don't drink it!!!  ......and label it "poison" (keep out of reach of children)
    Apply with a toothbrush or put it in a spray bottle container, so you can have it nearby.
    Use sparingly, and gently.  
   Also works well as a cat repellent. 
   When the cat comes around to get on your quilt, know.

(No guarantee of results is expressed or implied.  Not responsible for misuse or undesirable results.  Test first.  No animals or children were harmed.  Batteries not included.)

Granny's Hot Wax Treatment!

Here's what you'll need:

   1 - Half Pint Canning Jar,  1 Pair Kitchen Tongs,
   1 Box Canning Paraffin Wax,  1 Paper Towel, & any spool of thread.  Melt enough of the wax in the jar to fill it about 2/3 full.  Put in your spool of thread.  Let it soak in there about 10 minutes.  Use the tongs to lift it out and place on paper towel to cool & dry.  Now you're all fixed up to quilt with that sewing thread instead of having to put your face on, and go to town to buy the right color!

    What?????  You thought it was for your hairy legs????

     Heavens, no!  (Hmmmm. Don't think so anyway.....)

Ain't Worth Spit?????

 Well---I'm here to tell ya' that SPIT HAS WORTH!!!

I know you think I've lost my sweetbreads, but just hang on here.  Any good hand quilter knows that once in a while, the unspeakable happens.  You work your fingers to the bone, and sometimes thru the flesh, too.  I'm talking about that red stuff that comes out of ya' when you accidentally stick that needle further in than you're suppose to.  You know, BloodDon't tell anyone I told you this (or they'll take my needles away from me), but....if you get that stuff on your quilt, don't despair.  Your spit has worth!  Just a little spit on it, and it will disappear!  Can you believe it??

By the way, I hope you didn't expect purdy pictures of this one!

Cya' next time.  (If I don't bleed to death testing this theory).  Sure enjoyed surviving my vacation!

Trash Talk!!!

   You get a lot of trash like me?  No, no, I mean in the mail, silly.  Some of mine is purdy trash though, like those quilting wish books!!  But what the heck do ya' do with 'em when they are out of date?  Just hate to through those things in the trash?

Well--I have a solution for ya!  Slap them pictures on somethin'!  When you're watching tv or just sitting around, or when the grandkids want something to do this summer,  cut out those quilt pictures and get some of that "modgepodge" stuff.  

    Then get some more trash--er, I mean used containers.  Preferably ones that have plastic lids, like capucchino cans, or nice cardboard boxes, or baking powder tins, or Pringles cans, or well, you get the idea.---

Here's your purdy picture to see:


See?  Just stick them on with the medium and coat once or twice.  I took mine outside and sprayed afterwards with a spray acrylic gloss and let dry for a day or two.  Look real good!!

Cy'all next time, if I can get my fingers unglued from my bun--er, I mean my back,



   Yes, I'm old, and proud of it!!  So us old people have special needs.  It's been a long time since I could touch my toes, from a standing position, that is.  Much less, bend over to pick up a pin or needle when it drops to the floor.  Much less, even SEE it, or HEAR it,  when it drops to the floor.  So next time one of your pins or needles tries to escape, do what I do---GET YOUR CANE!!
    Now my cane is probably a little different than yours.  What?  You don't use a cane?  Well, then---get your yardstick!!
    First, you gotta' fix it up like my cane.  Get you some of that magnet tape.  You know like first-grade teachers use on kids' projects.  It comes in a roll in the craft department at Wally World.  You just cut off a piece the length you want, peel off the tape, and smack that thing on the end of your cane and/or yardstick.

Here's your purdy pictures to see:


Works every time!

Cy'all next time, if I make it back from my first TaeKwonDo lesson,
(hmmm...wonder if they want me to bring my cane)


DYE!  DYE!  DYE!!!

   Don't know what to do with all your white, bleached or unbleached muslin, white-on-white scraps?  I seemed to have an abundance of these kind of scraps from leftovers from linings and backgrounds.  It finally dawned on me to throw them all in the washer and DYE THEM!  This is great!!  I had a stack of wide strips, unused blocks, some small pieces of W.O.W., and some prints on white backgrounds that I didn't like on white.  So I scooped 'em up, and shuffled over to the machine, and pulled out my ever-faithful Blue RIT dye.  Comes in a liquid form nowadays, makes it easier to use just a little or a lot.  Some people don't like using RIT dye, but it's been good to me for many a year.  So, if you don't like it, get your own dye.  Get the water going first, then put your fabric in.  Use a stick to stir it in, not your hand!  The water gets a nice blue color.  I was tempted to stick my hair in it, but that might be a little risky.  Get out your half-moons too, and READ the INSTRUCTIONS!

  Dying Muslins Close Up  
    Ain't that great?  Course, you could use any color you need.  

Catch ya' next time, if I'm still around...



No, I didn't say "Sweet Potato".  Who'd wanna' wipe a sweet potato?  These are extremely handy to use anywhere in the house.  And will save you tons if you have babies or grand babies.  I keep some in the kitchen to wash my hands with, some in my sewing room to clean off tables, sewing machine, countertops, and sometimes even use them to clean my precious grandbaby's butt.  (There, I said that "b" word.  We would NEVER have used that word in my younger years.  But everyone sure wears it out today!)  Here's what you need:

     1 Recycled Butter Tub (The Large Crock Size)
     1 Roll Strong Paper Towels (Recommend Bounty, Don't Use Generic)
     1 Tblsp. Baby Oil
     2 Tblsp. Baby Shampoo
     2 Cups Warm Water

Here's your illustrated instructions (purdy pictures):

First, you gotta' cut that sucker in half!  That's where the really big, mean knife comes in.  Set aside 1/2 for future use.  This may take a little elbow grease, and you'll get some nice "snow" to clean up.

Second, pour the ingredients in the butter tub (I decorated mine with old birthday cards--and, Honey, I got a LOT of those!).  Stir well.

Third, place the paper towels in the tub and let soak.  Go away and quilt for a while.  Have a cup of coffee.

Fourth, (after waiting till the cardboard center is soaked) take out the cardboard center and toss it.

Fifth, cut an "X" shape in the center of the lid (Use your really big, mean knife) for the towels to come out of.  Then push the towel up thru the "X" slot in the lid (feed the towels from the center hole) and close the lid.

Jerk the towels out one by one.  Easy as pie!


          TA DA!!!!

    See ya next time, if'n you come back.  I'll bake some cookies.


If you do, then this will be old news to you.  And the news is:
Use your head, stupid!!
Be patient, and Granny will explain.  
The next time you have a problem with a needle getting dull, pins being tough to pierce fabric, basting pins fighting you---remember Granny said to USE YOUR HEAD.  Try rolling the point of that stubborn needle or pin across your scalp at the hairline.  NO, don't stick it IN your head, just rub the point across your scalp.  You won't believe the difference that makes.  All of us Grannies out there know this trick saved the lives of many blessed little babies.   Probably many of you that are reading this right now were those babies spared the anguish of your mom struggling with a dull diaper pin on your sweet patoot.  So next time before you change your appliqué needle, remember what Granny said----
See ya' next time, if I'm still alive,


I've been trying to think of one good reason to like humps of any kind, and I can't think of a one.  

There's a camel's hump, of course, but have you ever looked at one, much less sat on one?  I had a dear friend once, who had a real bad "quilter's hump" on her back.  Lands, she was so bent over, she had to get one of those automatic movin' bed things so she could sleep sittin' up!  When she died, they had to bury her layin' on her side!  So that's not a good hump either.  Then there's "hump day", Wednesday, but it's not good until you get past it.  Then there's this dreaded little hump on my sewing machine, just before you get to the presser foot.  It annoys me to no end!  Why machine makers nowadays just can't seem to give us quilters a good machine with an absolutely flat bed to work on, I don't know.  Seems I'm always getting a seam allowance turned the wrong way because of it.  So here's the thing that saved my quilting soul----a post-it note! 

Dreaded Hump (Obviously Not Granny's Hand)    Post-it Note
Put the post-it note over the hump, but not touching feed dogs.
Graph Paper (Obviously Granny's Hand)
Even better, use graph paper taped on in line with the needle.  Great for quick corner piecing and good for guiding 1/4" seam allowance too.  (note:  you can tell I'm a granny because of the Sesame Street Band-aid, huh)

See ya' next time, if they let me out,

I found the neatest way to pick up those pesky ravelin's and threads on the floor, without fetchin' the broom or vacuum.....I had a dear friend once (I sure miss her and this made me think of her) that used to drive me nuts by throwing all her snipped-off threads on the floor when she sewed.  I even put a bucket by the machine once for her to throw them into, but she'd miss that bucket every time.  You know, I think she did that on purpose, don't you?  She always was....Oh, sorry, I have a tendency to talk in circles, don't I...Anyway, get yourself some of that batting that's leftover or in the trash.  Tie a strip of it on the end of your shoe, or better yet, both shoes.  Here's a picture I took for you that shows you what I mean:


Now, put on your favorite Lawrence Welk record, and before you know it, the batting strips will pick up all those threads!!

Cya next time (if they let me),


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